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Our Mission

College Finance Company is dedicated to helping students, parents, and graduates make informed choices about financing their college education. We believe that with the right data, people can make decisions that will minimize their borrowing costs and help them get the most out of their higher education investment.

Our Team

Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker is the CEO and Publisher of CollegeFinance.com. He has more than 25 years experience in student loans, education finance, and financial technology. Previously he was founder and/or CEO of several fintech / edtech companies including SimpleTuition (sold to LendingTree), SmarterBank (sold to Gradifi), ValoreBooks and Boundless (both sold to Follett). Kevin also spent many years at Cognition Financial where he was SVP of Marketing and also advised colleges and universities on how to manage their own student loan programs. Kevin was also GM of education lending at LendingTree, a principal at the management consulting firm Parthenon, a VP for a Russia-focused fintech venture fund, and founder of an education company in Russia. He is an advisor to several fintech companies, including FutureFuel.io, Edmit, and LeverEdge. Kevin was a 2009 New England finalist for EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year. 

Kevin borrowed to finance his degrees from Amherst and Harvard and is currently a college-paying parent.

Our Writers and Editors

Collectively, our writers, editors and leaders have borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for college. It’s personal. We know how expensive college and grad school is. But for each of us, higher education has been transformative. Our careers have been possible thanks to our training and credentials. Our ability to contribute to our families and to our communities have been greatly enhanced by the critical thinking and other skills we were able to explore and develop in the classroom. We are eager to share our perspective and experience to help people get the most out of their college investment.

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